The ELITE soybeans seeds obtain the highest satisfaction rate in Quebec!

In an independent study on soybean seed (Stratus Ag Research), 694 farmers who grew certified soybeans in Eastern Canada reported their level of brand satisfaction.  Growers of Elite soybeans reported the highest overall level of brand satisfaction relative to growers of other soybean brands.

This is the case of Ferme Montaye’s owners at Saint-Jean-de-Chrysostome, Quebec. After a decade with the same supplier, Alcide Cantin and France Lamonde took the plunge and decided to switch to ELITE IP soybean seeds. For them, regularly testing different seed varieties is a must to ensure the most optimal yield, year after year.

Last year, 8 soybean varieties had been retained for performance testing.  The ELITE IP seeds stood out from the rest. After a first year of harvest, the owners are very satisfied and claim they will be renewing their agreement for a second year. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to see the ELITE soybean seeds obtain the highest satisfaction rate with Quebec farmers.

On top of this, they describe their relationship with their agri-advisor as healthy and transparent. “We always know exactly where we stand; our advisor is always looking for ways to meet our needs thanks to personalized solutions. He is always ready to provide us with the necessary when we wish to test a new product.” This relationship also represents the values of Ferme Montaye and its employees, for whom the yield and success of the company come first.

Thanks to the team’s suggestions and numerous testing, Ferme Montaye enjoyed beneficial changes this year as well as a soy yield superior to previous years – which they are more than satisfied with!  

- Soybean Seed Brand Use and Experience Study – Canada 2016.  Stratus Ag Research.