The ELITE corn seeds: the highest satisfaction rate in Eastern Canada!

In September 2016, an independent study on corn seed (Stratus Ag Research) reported the level of brand satisfaction among 698 farmers in Eastern Canada.  Growers of Elite corn rated Elite with the highest brand satisfaction relative to growers of other corn brands.

Before becoming owner of the Grand Roux farm in Sherrington 4 years ago, Christian Giroux was a co-owner with his father, who was already growing ELITE corn seeds. Today, M. Giroux and his two sons also grow soy, barley and hay for the needs of their dairy production. They have many different varieties of seeds over more than sixty acres, including ELITE E71Z19, 65F12 and E67D17. M. Giroux says he is very satisfied with his crops and expects to keep cultivating these next years.

Marc Rochette, the Coop agri-advisor of Grand Roux farm, remains on the lookout for novelties as well as their performance, in order to offer the best yield possible to his clients and Christian Giroux never hesitates to test the recommendations made to him. As a matter of fact, that is how the ELITE E71Z19 corn got added to the rotation a few years ago. The Grand Roux farm has been trusting the ELITE corn seeds for more than a generation – a tradition we hope will continue!  

- Corn Seed and Traits Brand Use and Experience Study – Canada 2016.  Stratus Ag Research.