A satisfied ELITE® Grower

“I am proud of my field – ELITE’s finest field!”

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Mathieu Gagnon is co-owner of Ferme Horegam. He and his team together have grown a superb field of Canola L252 from ELITE®.  Their canola gives them very satisfactory yield, which wasn’t the case a few years earlier…

For the past two years, they had been using canola from another seed supplier. “The yield wasn’t there” says Mathieu.  But, since using ELITE® canola, Ferme Hoream has seen an increase in their field’s profitability.

The co-owners are now proud of their ELITE® field, for superior plant uniformity and emergence, just to start.  “The fields are clean, the population is uniform, the germination rate was good, and the yield too!” Mr. Gagnon proudly confided.

Also, he is very satisfied with his relationship with the Co-op Unicoop and his agri-advisor, Claude Dumais. According to Mathieu, Mr. Dumais gives excellent advice all season long, whether for phytosanitary management, fungus, weeds, or even disease.

It is therefore thanks to the great yields and support received that Mathieu Gagnon is proud to have one of Elite’s finest fields!