Precision Agriculture? Sign me up!

Now is the time to subscribe to the precision farming and satellite imagery program from the Co-op network for 2016 season.
With over 20 years of experience in this field, and our knowledge of the farming business realities, we have made available to farmers, a readymade package that combines satellite imaging technology with a complete web solution. This business solution allows you to integrate, analyze, manage and visualize your precision farming data in a simple and user-friendly technological environment.

Here's what the Co-op business solution encompasses:

  1. Vegetation maps of all your fields in July and August: monitor your crops and diagnose problem areas during the growing season.
  2. Year-end relative yield maps: compare your yields from one field to another, and see the variability within fields.
  3. Economic performance maps: view the different zones of profitability within the same field.
    Example of the maps produced
  4. Web Platform: gives you access to several modules. You can explore precision agriculture from A to Z without the headache. It is a tool developed by the Co-op and has been successfully adopted by many farmers in all areas of Eastern Canada.

With this unique service, you receive a quality product. It is also possible to recover the archives of your fields from 2011 to 2015. Our program is available for all levels of precision agriculture integration. Whether you are a beginner in the field or a regular user of these technologies, the Co-op precision agriculture program will enable you to leverage your investment quickly.

Our business solution:  the Co-op is the foundation that ensures integrated service in precision farming; it facilitates the analysis of your crop data, which gives the best overview of your company with generated maps and tables, ensures better monitoring of your fields during the season, and guarantees that your recommendations will be to your technological equipment.  

For more information, contact your co-op.