ELITE Logan HD-R silage corn

Leafy floury

High-digestibility silage corn

Imagine the ideal corn silage product...

…This hybrid has been specifically selected for the dairy industry and milk production. Logan HD-R is a very tall plant with a high level of digestible starch and a very efficient fiber to digest. To ensure a good health for
the plant, this hybrid has a strong resistance to disease, it dries up slowly thus maximizing the harvest window. The soft kernels pulverize into fine particles at harvest, thus accelerating the transformation of the starch in the silo, thereby; diminish the period of storage before using it in the feed mix. The kernels are easily pulverized by the cow’s rumen ingestion thus releasing the energy stored in the starch, which goes
where it counts… milk production!

Leafy floury Silage hybrids have all of these characteristics. They are designed to be silage-specific and are selected for high dependable yields of digestible forage and starch. Today’s dairy operators no longer need the option of a dual-purpose on many of their acres. Instead, they need more acres of the best silage hybrids - ones that have strong silage yields and produce milk economically.

Eight reasons to grow the leafy floury LOGAN HD-R

Strong agronomics

Growing environment and management decisions have an impact on all crops, but a Logan hybrid offers the grower some additional agronomic benefits:

  1. Exceptional spring vigor
  2. Flexible stem makes it more tolerant to different climatic conditions
  3. Selected for its resistance to mold who are responsible for toxins that can ruin your corn silage.

High yield

Specially selected for its high efficiency in digestible starch and fibers; Higher density of leaf above the cob, with more sunlight interception that results in a higher production of sugars in
the plant.

Long Harvest Window

Logan HD-R has been specifically selected for slower drying process because the cob and the plant is synchronized at the same drying speed. The whole plant stays at an optimum level of silage humidity (65 % and the kernel around 50 % of the milk line). Dairy producers can now maximize their chances of obtaining the best corn silage possible at the ideal level of humidity!

High Fiber Digestibility

Logan hybrids have three unique characteristics that boost their fiber digestibility:

  1. Since the cob is the heaviest part of the plant, the section that is located under has to be more lignified to support its self. The Logan HD-R has a very low cob thus more digestible plant without compromising rigidity of it.
  2. Grown at recommended populations have thicker, more digestible stalks since the proportion of soft inner stalk is increased relative to the lignified outer stalk.
  3. The Logan HD-R has at least two more leafs than your average dual purpose corn: more foliar volume for your feed!

High efficiency in starch digestion

The cob produces a big and mealy kernel. It fills itself up with big flat kernels and soft which dries up slowly. The white mealy starch breaks down easily into fine particles during harvest as well in the cow’s mastication. The particles have a larger contact surface with the microorganisms in the rumen and a better retention in the rumen for an increased milk production!

Short Storage Period

Logan HD-R can be served to the cows after only 30 days after harvest. The mealy starch particles are easily accessible for digestion after a short period of storage. Thus, a diminution of loss in dry matter.

Excellent nutritional value

Finally, the silage produced by the Logan HD-R guarantee good quality silage for your herd: promotes good health and maximize milk production!

Why choose a single major silage characteristic when you can have it all? Many hybrids marketed for silage have only one strong quality, such as fibre digestibility, yield, or grain type.  Chances are that the other characteristics have been selected for grain production.  The best silage hybrids have been created for the whole plant to excel in silage production.

Silage characteristics

Dual use

BMR (Brown mid rib)


Leafy floury (Logan HD-R)

Entirely leafy and floury (coming soon)

Strong field characteristics




High total plant yield



Long harvest window


High fibre digestibility


High starch content


High starch digestibility


Short storage period


Excellent Feed Quality


Dent / Waxy – Dual purpose and BMR – Leafy – Leafy floury (Logan HD-R) – 100% floury
Use a variety with a specific grain type for silage combined with high yield of digestible fibre for milk production

Leafy kernel characteristics

Smaller particle size

Floury kernels fracture easily into small particles during silage chopping, allowing for a shortened storage period. After chewing, the starch is readily digested and available as energy for milk production.

Long ruminal retention time

Nutritionists believe that small floury starch particles are more buoyant in the rumen and float to stay in the rumen mat for an extended digestion period, resulting in higher milk production potential.

High Energy Starch

The small starch particles of Floury Leafy hybrids offer more surface area to rumen bugs for a boost in digestibility. This increase in energy in the corn silage allows for a reduction of concentrate corn in the ration.

Adaptability for any type of feed

Logan HD-R is very versatile; it can be well-balanced corn silage for :

  • Cows in transition
  • Transition lactating cows
  • For highly productive cows
  • For cows in late lactation