ELITE, high-performance spring cereal varieties for demanding producers

La Coop’s research program is recognized for its development of exceptional spring cereal varieties. Plant breeders work to select high-yielding and top-quality varieties to meet the needs of producers and buyers. Field trials, across different geographic areas, provide knowledge about zone adaptation for each variety. The data is then used by expert consultants who are then able to recommend which ones are best suited to the conditions found on each farm.

Here are a few cereal varieties from the ELITE line that will more than satisfy your needs:

ALYSSA 6-row barley

ALYSSA is one of the 6-row barley varieties that is a top performer in all zones. With a large grain and a good test weight, it’s a sure bet for value whether the grain is for sale or fed on the farm.

As a variety with intermediate maturity, it has a very good standability. With good tolerance to leaf diseases, it has a superior resistance to mildew and rust. The integrity of the stem allows it to remain solid until harvest time. 


DAKOSTA hard red spring wheat 

DAKOSTA is characterized by its excellent yield and its superior bakery qualities. Classified as a bread wheat, DAKOSTA produces a high protein grain with a high falling number, qualities that are essential for meeting the standards of purchasers. This cultivar has a good genetic background giving it excellent natural tolerance to fusarium and several other diseases such as brown and yellow rust.

Very well suited to intensive management, the use of a growth regulator combined with adequate nitrogen fertilization and a fungicide will achieve high yields and facilitate harvesting. Its straw production remains good even in the presence of a growth regulator.



AKINA Oats has outstanding performance in all production zones. With intermediate maturity, this variety exemplifies the new generation of high-performance oats. It has superior crown rust resistance that keeps its foliage and stem healthy throughout the growing season.

Its straw is a little shorter than average and it has excellent tolerance to lodging. AKINA, because of its excellent quality, is sought after by Quaker Oats which has placed it on the list of approved varieties.



KARA is a white oat that excels in all production zones due to its very good yields, but above all for its exceptional standability. It produces a grain with a high test weight. It stands out for its hardiness and excellent tolerance to crown rust. Harvesting is facilitated by its good standability, which also results in high straw yields. Its upright growth, healthy foliage and broad leaves make it an excellent forage oat.


Does this validate your interest in ELITE cereals?


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