ELITE, high-performance corn hybrids for Eastern Canada

Here are some of the best-performing hybrids that are recommended for your region:

Bas-du-Fleuve, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Témiscamingue et Capitale-Nationale

E44H12 R - NEW

2100 HU

This new hybrid allows for grain corn and corn silage production in zones with a very early spring.
Like its later season companions, it has superior agronomic qualities such as high test weights, very strong stalks, early flowering, and physiological maturity. Its yield is impressive for a hybrid of this maturity.


Estrie, Bois-Francs

E53G52 R

2550 HU

This high-yielding hybrid has above average agronomic qualities compared to other hybrids on the market.

Features such as very fast dry down, very strong standability and root system, remarkable spring vigour and high test weights, make it a first-class all-purpose hybrid.



E63G62 R

2750 HU

Hybrid with a very high yield potential. The high quality of its stalks and roots allows for it to be seeded at higher population levels.

Its plants remain green very late into the fall, demonstrating superior general health. It tolerates drought well and its kernels have very high test weights.



North Shore of Montreal

E57L62 R

2650 HU

With explosive spring vigour, a very robust root system and stalk, and fast natural drying in the fall, this hybrid has posted exceptional yields.

It is a tall plant that benefits from high final population levels and an excellent tolerance to various diseases.


Montérégie and Eastern Ontario

E69G92 R

2950 HU

With a perfect score for agronomic characteristics and overall plant health, this hybrid will demonstrate its potential for superior yields.

It tolerates stress very well and adapts to all types of soils and management. It flowers early considering its maturity and dries quickly and naturally in the fall. Its kernels have very high test weights, a much sought-after quality during a difficult growing season.


The ELITE line of corn seeds has approximately forty competitive hybrids that are adapted to all climatic conditions in eastern Canada. Download our ELITE 2018 Seed Guide, or make an appointment with your representative to receive a free consultation.