ELITE 2017 Soybeans: Teaming up champions and new recruits

2017 is going to be an exceptional year for Elite-brand soybeans, with the return of many champion varieties, along with many rookies with novel traits looking to gain ground on your farm.

Akras R2 is the new Canadian champion for first pod height.  It was the third-most sold variety in Canada in the year it was introduced.  Akras R2 is the leader of the early zone, and above all, is a winner due to its ease of harvest.  With the first pod being higher than other competing varieties, Akras R2 gives very high yields in the field, especially so because you won’t miss a single pod at harvest. Hit a home run with this variety!

Hydra R2 is the first variety in history to have attained yields higher than 5000 kg/ha ( more than 2 t/acre) in the 2500 CHU RGCQ trials, over 3 years, to boot!

We aren’t talking about one single victory, but the start of a new era of yield for areas that, not so long ago, had a limited potential for soybeans.  With genetics developed entirely by La Coop, Hydra R2 has all the characteristics necessary to become a legend and the founder of a long dynasty of champion varieties. 

Katonda R2 and Ajok R2 are two champions that some have already seen in action.  These two teammates are continuing their ascent towards the heights of agronomic performance. Together they are conquering peak yield with different, but complementary approaches:  Katonda R2 has great standability and desirable field characteristics, while Ajok R2 is taller with increased disease tolerance.

Mylitta R2 is one of the most recent additions to the Elite lineup.  For the past two years, Mylitta R2 soybeans have been at the top of the charts of the RGCQ trials, thanks to its excellent yield:  first place for standard spacing(36 cm or 15 in) and second place overall in the RGCQ 2800R trials.

Mylitta R2 has the exotic intrigue of the new kid in town.  Selected in Eastern Canada, it resembles soybeans from the American Midwest:  very bushy, impressive size, and yield potential, too.

The 2017 season will also see the arrival of a whole squad of rookie varieties.  Elite will be distributing four new varieties featuring Xtend, the latest herbicide technology from Monsanto.  Tomorrow’s champions, these new recruits will impress you with the unprecedented efficacy of their weed control system and by their strong yield potential, which may one day unseat the reigning champions of Elite soybeans.