Important criteria when the time comes to select corn hybrids: a survey that speaks volumes

As part of a research project conducted by 300 field crop producers in 2017, Stratus Ag Research was able to identify the most impactful criteria when it comes to choosing a corn hybrid.

Not surprisingly, yield is at the top of the list. Let’s look at some of the other important features.

Quality/Price Ratio for the E63D17 R Hybrid 

This 2775 HU grain corn is without doubt a first-rate choice due to its high performing, superior agronomic characteristics, and undisputable disease tolerance. Equipped with Roundup Ready technology, this hybrid has an undeniable quality/price ratio.

Specific Weights for the E52V92 R Hybrid

Selected for 2450 HU zones, this hybrid benefits from qualities essential to success in cooler climates. With its early flowering, very vigorous in spring, and high test weights, it is a solid hybrid for all environments.

The ELITE line of corn seeds has approximately forty competitive hybrids that are adapted to all climatic conditions in eastern Canada. Download our ELITE 2018 Seed Guide, or make an appointment with your representative to receive a free consultation.